St. Botolph’s CE Academy

Celebration Worship

Every Friday we come together as a whole academy to hold our Celebration Worship. We present awards and certificates to pupils and classes who have shown effort and achievement in the following ways.


Golden Goodly Book

One child in every class recevies a Goodly certificate and medal each week. Their names are written in the Golden Goodly Book and we share them with parents and friends in our newsletter and on the celebration board in the main entrance.


SAM attendance

Our attendance Target is 96%. Each class achieving this or above for the week, will get an apple on our attendance tree. Any class who gets 100% attendance gets a golden apple. The class who gets the highest weekly attendance will receive a certifcate and take SAM the dog and the attendance cup back to their classroom for the week. Each week, we also record any classes who have no lates during that week. These classes get a leaf on our tree.


Saintly Awards

All of our children are in Saintly Teams- St George, Sts Andrew, St David and St Patrick. Pupils earn saintly points during the week for reasons such as showing a positive attitude to their learning and staying in green on our behaviour chart. The team who gets the most points each week, wins the Saintly shield and a sticker is placed on the award chart. The winning saintly team at the end of each term receives a treat. 


Attendance Vouchers

Every child who achieves a weekly 100% attendance will receive a raffle ticket. These are collected over each half term and a winning ticket is drawn at the Celebration Worship. for children and their parents will get a £20 Morrisons voucher.

Collective Worship Committee

(Year 5/6)

Primrose Vale, Knottingley, West Yorkshire, WF11 9BT

01977 677494