St. Botolph’s CE Academy


Q1. My child has a sniffle and a cough, should I keep them off school?

  • If your child has a new persistent cough please keep them at home, if not they should attend school as normal.

Q2. If we were in contact with someone Saturday that tested positive today (Thursday), do we all need to isolate?

  • Since it has been more than 48 hours since contact you do not need to isolate.

Q3. If a class is told to isolate, what happens with the older siblings in different classes but the same household?

  • Other siblings do not isolate unless someone in their house begins to show symptoms. Other siblings are fine to come to school.

Q4. My daughter is in a closed bubble, will we get work sent home for her?

  • Teachers will be setting work for all children that have had to isolate.

Q5. I have just received a letter about a pupil testing positive. Can we know which class? Will the children in the class of the child not have to isolate?

  • As you haven’t been directly contacted, you can assume your Child’s bubble hasn’t closed and they should continue to come to school as normal.

Q6. I have just read the letter about the one-way system in school, my child is in nursery do I still need to follow the one-way system?

  • If you only have a child in nursery, there is segregated nursery only walkway that you can use to exit.

Q7. With the national lockdown happening, should we wear masks for the school run?

  • The national guidelines do not state that you have to wear a mask, but if you want to do so please feel free. If you are coming into school via reception we do ask that parents/guardians wear masks or face coverings.

Q8. Can I ask the situation with school and closure now as we are going into tier 3?

  • Schools remain open into tier 3, so as a school we will continue as normal with the safety measures we already have in place.

Q9. Are the children still getting school photos done this year with COVID happening?

  • School photographs aren’t due till next year, and we are hoping that they will be able to continue as normal.

Q10. Can you tell me the most up-to-date drop-off times for the children?

  • The most up-to-date information can be found on the parent zone of our website as well as our school jotter app, our Facebook page and all information is sent out over parent pay.           

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