St. Botolph’s CE Academy

Primary Schools Sports Grant

Academic Year 2021-22

St Botolph’s CE Academy is part of Enhance Academies Trust and affiliated members of the Diocese of Leeds.   We occupy a relatively small site less than half a mile from the centre of Knottingley. We are a one and a half form entry academy with a Nursery on site.

Our current number on roll (updated September 2020)  is 332, including a 39 (FTE) place nursery ( further nursery pupils are expected in Spring and Summer).  Approximately 11% of current pupils are known to be eligible for FSM, with 28% Pupil Premium. Approximately 11% of pupils have special educational needs and 2% has statements for such needs.

For the academic year 2021-22 we have received £18,800 sports grant and a brief summary of our intent includes:

  • providing varied coaching for staff through ACES during lessons
  • coaches delivering CPD for staff, to enable sustainability
  • to engage pupils in healthy lifestyles
  • making links with other schools and academies in order to take part in competitive sport using the local rugby field
  • purchasing equipment and maintaining existing equipment
  • providing cover time for the subject leader to manage the subject well and observe and support pupils in their sporting activities

Please see the strategy below for this year's full action plan. We are delighted to be continuing our holistic PE programme, supporting the whole child's well being. 

Information regarding the competency of the Year 6 cohort in swimming can also be found in the documents below.

Historical Spending

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Historical Evaluations

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