St. Botolph’s CE Academy

The Academy Council

At St Botolph’s CE Academy, our pupils have an important part to play in making decisions about the life and work of the academy. One of the ways in which children can have their say and make sure that their views and ideas are listened to is through the Academy Council.

What is an Academy Council?
An academy council:

  • Gives our children the chance to tell teachers, staff, parents and other children their ideas
    • Represents each class in the school
    • Meets regularly to talk about important school issues and projects
    • Puts forward the class views at council meetings
    • Takes forward the views of the very young classes, who may find it difficult to put forward other’s opinions.

During the Academy Council meeting:
• Important issues are discussed, ideas shared and action points decided
• Discussions must be orderly and fair, with everyone having an equal opportunity to talk or be listened to

After the meeting:
• Representatives report back to their class while things are still fresh in their minds – this helps every academy councillor to feel involved

• Teachers must give enough time to let the class discuss points that have been raised
• A school suggestion box is used to gather ideas throughout the week: these can be discussed by the class before agreeing to present to the Academy Council. It is the job of the communications officer to bring these suggestions to the meeting.

Please see our Academy Council below:

Local Funeral Home

Mrs Adams and Mrs Clipsham took the academy council to the the local funeral home where they were holding an event to support Wakefield Hospice, the children bought raffle tickets, had juice and cake and got to see the oldest working musical organ.

Primrose Vale, Knottingley, West Yorkshire, WF11 9BT

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