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Home Learning

Due to recommendations by the Government/Health Organisations, there may be the need to self isolate you and your family.  We have tried to put together a list of possible activities and websites that you may find useful during this difficult time.   The list is not exhaustive, but if you find some resources that other families may find useful please contact school and we can add it to the list.

Week 2
As we begin week 2 of home schooling we hope families are managing.
We wish to thank all of our families who have swapped shifts, taken annual leave and worked hard to keep their children at home. It is the safest place to be. We do have a few staff in school each day for key worker children. Please do let us know if you so need us or even if you don't so we can ensure staff are not in school if they don't  need to be.
Last week was all about making rainbows. This week why not have a go at making a funny face or producing some flowers. How creative can you be?
Here are some other ideas to maybe help to keep children entertained while at home.
We are missing all of our children so do keep any work you do at home and maybe when this is over we can share our home learning.
Thank you

Please look on tapestry for further ideas and activities for you to do with your EYFS child.  If you are having issues please email or contact our Facebook page.  Thank you 

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