St. Botolph’s CE Academy

Upper Key Stage 2

Years 5 and 6

At St Botolph’s, in Upper Key Stage 2, all children follow a broad and balanced curriculum.

In all aspects of pupil’s work we expect a positive attitude to learning, high standards and maximum effort. We strive to provide broad, exciting and stimulating experiences to make learning enjoyable, memorable and fun. During the year, the pupils will be taught a range of curriculum subjects, through three topics.

We believe that educating the whole child is important and so we ensure that all areas of the curriculum are included in our termly plans.

Reading, Writing and Maths is not only taught during the morning session, it is taught across all curriculum areas, meaning that the learning in Upper Key Stage 2 is transferable to any of the subjects.

Year 6s hard at work in their Maths lessons.


Year 5s and 6s acting out their instructions for how to catch a dragon.


The following subjects are taught:

  • Science
  • RE (Religious Education)
  • PE (Physical Education)
  • History
  • Geography
  • French
  • PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)
  • RSE (Relationships and Sex Education)
  • Art
  • DT (Design Technology)
  • Computing
  • British Values


In year 5 and 6, we aim to equip the pupil’s with the skills they need to be good citizens in today’s society and feel that preparing the pupils for the world in which we live is of vital importance. Through our PHSE and RSE curriculum, pupils learn how to interact with each other and form positive relationships.


Pupils in classes Hippos, Wolves and Golden Eagles follow a two year rolling programme of topics. This enables teachers to plan together and share ideas. It also ensures pupils do not repeat topics within the Key Stage.






Cycle A

Cycle B






Amazing Americas

A topic learning about the human and physical geography of both North and South America focussing upon hills, mountains, rivers, key topographical features, settlement and land use.

World War 2

This topic focuses on the events leading up to the start of World War 2 and its outbreak. The pupils will learn about the countries involved, significant people of the time, the home front, evacuation and the how the war came to an end.






Crime and Punishment

During this topic, the pupils will learn about crime and  punishment during different time periods. They will be studying medieval punishment, visiting The Tudors and The Victorians before learning about modern day crime and punishment.

Raging Rivers

During this topic, pupils will learn about the great rivers of the worlds and how they play an important role. They will investigate how a river starts and learn about the stages of the river in its journey to the sea. They will also be learning about the river Aire and how it is used.







Into the Dragon’s Den


Into the Dragon’s Den is a study of The Vikings. The pupils will be investigating the settlements of the Anglo Saxons in addition to learning about housing, food, weapons, travel and the way of life during this time period. There will also be the opportunity to study Alfred the Great and Edward the Confessor in addition to looking closely into Viking raids.



As this topic title suggests, the pupils will be learning about Gods, Goddesses and Heroes from Ancient Greece. They will be researching the way of life for the people in these times in addition to learning about the Trojan War, Battle of Marathon and the original Olympics.

More information about the curriculum can be found in the curriculum newsletters below.

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