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At St Botolph’s, our vision is to develop successful learners who have the qualities and attributes they need to manage their lives, fulfil their academic potential, and to thrive as individuals and members of society, both now and in the future. PSHE and RSE education is integral to a planned programme of learning which helps our children to flourish, make good relationships and leave our school as responsible, happy citizens fully prepared for future success in their next steps.

What does it look like in our academy?

PSHE and RSHE education is a subject through which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy, safe and prepared for life. At St Botolph’s we cover 6 PSHE topics over the year. These are:

  • New beginnings
  • Getting on and falling out
  • Going for goals
  • Good to be me
  • Relationships
  • Changes.

We take part in many different themed days throughout the year. These include but are not limited to:

  • Hello Yellow Day
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • PANTS Day

Relationships, Sex and Health Education

From September 2020, it is a mandatory National requirement to teach relationship and health education within all schools.  This requirement was introduced to ensure that our children are healthy, happy, safe and able to manage the challenges and opportunities unique to the 21st Century.  Relationships and Health Education equips your child with the knowledge to make informed decisions with regards to their own wellbeing, health and relationships as well as preparing them for a successful adult life.   Our academy has the flexibility to deliver the content of this government requirement in a way that is developmentally appropriate and sensitive to the needs and religious background of our pupils and our consultation meeting with parents enabled them to see our policy and plans for teaching RSE and agree with them. Please see the links below which take you to our policy and planned schemes of work.

Relationships Education provides the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships, including family, friends and online. 

Health Educations aims to provide the knowledge our pupils need to make good and informed decisions about their own health and wellbeing and know how to ask for help. 

Sex Education will continue to be provided based on the needs of the children and our community.  This is the only aspect where parents can request that their child is withdrawn from lessons. Guidance on this can be seen in the link below and we are pleased to say that  this has not been requested at our academy.

Mental Health Week 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 1st-7th February 
For Mental Health Week this year, St Botolph's Academy celebrated the week by taking part in lots of different activities. The children "dressed to express", in which the children dressed in the clothes that they chose to show how they were feeling for that day. The children in Nursery, chose how to express themselves, some dressed up, some drew pictures and some painted.   The children in Reception danced to different music to express their feelings and took part in a circle time activity to discuss their feelings too. Other children in school created posters and took part in "Time to Talk Day", where the children had time to chat and discuss their feelings. Here are some images of the activities that took place across school. 

Hello Yellow Day

"This year we celebrated Hello Yellow Day. All children wore an item of yellow clothing to school to promote the mental health and well being for children and young people. The whole school took part in lots of different Hello Yellow Day activities and we raised £164 for the Young Minds charity."


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