St. Botolph’s CE Academy

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PE Vision

Our vision for PE is to have physical education and physical activity embedded throughout the academy and in the daily practice of pupils and staff. We value the physical impact that PE has but also understand the importance of the positive impact it can have on mental health and well- being. Thus, we will equip pupils with the necessary skills to adopt a healthy lifestyle and make conscious choices which give them the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents as unique individuals through the medium of sport.

What does it look like in our Academy?

Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity are embeddd within the daily life here at St Botolph’s. Promoting active and healthy lifestyles and providing opportunity for all children to enjoy different aspects of this is of paramount importance. We create an inclusive, well-rounded and encouraging environment where children not only enjoy taking part in this pursuit, but challenge themselves to achieve their personal best and encourage each other. This is all evidenced through:

  • Cross-curricular links through activity being embedded within lessons across the curriculum
  • Sports opportunities at break and lunch times
  • Intra-academy sporting events
  • Inter-academy sport events
  • PE lessons
  • Sports Championship awards

We celebrate the sporting achievements of children outside of our setting through our celebration assemblies and work closely with sports providers within our community who often deliver taster sessions and assemblies to further promote connections in sport beyond our setting.

Rugby Tournament

We took part in a Rugby tournament with a local school, hosted by Knottingley Rugby Club.  We put on our Academy kits and we won the tournament.   Emily got Player of the Tournament and all players (60 children) were given a medal sponsored by Allied Glass. 

Primrose Vale, Knottingley, West Yorkshire, WF11 9BT

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