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At St Botolph’s CE Academy, our History vision is to deliver a curriculum which enables the children to become confident, creative, independent and individual learners, providing them with an understanding of the past through learning about human achievements and experiences, with an ever deepening understanding of chronology.

We seek to broaden children’s real-life experiences both inside and outside the classroom through educational visits, visitors, exploration and discovery.  We believe that within history lessons, our children will acquire a range of knowledge and skills which they can apply to other subjects and in a variety of different situations.

What does History look like in our Academy?

History at St. Botolph’s, has been developed to inspire children to want to know more about the past, to think and act as historians.

By linking learning to a range of topics, children have opportunities to investigate and interpret the past, understand chronology, build an overview of Britain’s past as well as that of the world around us.

We aim to ensure that all pupils can:

  • Identify significant key events in History, in Britain and the world, considering the cause of these events and the consequence of them happening.
  • Use and apply chronological understanding when investigating historical events.
  • Use historical evidence from a range of sources to support, evaluate and challenge their own and others’ views.
  • Understand historical terminology and be able to effectively use them to clearly communicate historical facts.

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