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 Our Art Vision

At St Botolph’s CE Academy, our teaching of the Art aims to enhance our full curriculum in the development of the unique child and fully supports our Christian vision and ethos, “In God’s hands we love, learn and grow.”

As an academy, we are committed to the quality and provision of The Arts and cultural education across a broad and balanced curriculum. We believe that The Arts provides our pupils with a variety of engaging and exciting opportunities that enable them to develop positively in their learning and supports them not just academically but also within their mental health and wellbeing. Our Art curriculum is inspiring and ambitiously designed to offer a wide range of opportunities which prepares pupils for future success in their next steps and indeed for life in modern Britain. We strive to incorporate The Arts culture into the everyday life of our academy and create cross-curricular links in all areas of our well sequenced curriculum which encourages our children to strive for excellence in all that they do and flourish as unique individuals.

Enabling children to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form, pattern- using different materials and processes, the art, craft and design experiences at St Botolph’s Academy have a positive impact on other areas of the curriculum. Where possible, we make links between art and other subjects in our curriculum.

Art Project - Diorama Project

In lower key stage 2, the children completed a project that took several weeks.  They build up their skills over the weeks, completed a exploration of different art techniques such as pointillism, impressionism and post-impressionism before combining all the techniques into their finished pieces.  They displayed the skills they had learned along with their finished Dioramas.  

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