In God's hands, we love, learn and grow

Primrose Vale, Knottingley, WF11 9BT

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In God’s hands, we love, learn and grow

Governing Body

An Interim Executive Board (IEB) was set up on 5th August 2016 to replace the previous governing body.

Mr John Hanson (chair) - contact number: 07712 823729

Mrs Linda Maskill

Peter Bell

Peter Laurence

Information about our IEB:

Members of The St Botolph’s IEB have significant experience in governance, local authority and school leadership. The IEB will meet every two weeks for the first half term in Autumn and will be available to speak to parents at drop-in sessions every week until the half term holidays. The dates and times of these sessions will be put into newsletters and on the website. Any parent who wishes to talk to an IEB member can arrange an appointment through Mrs Adams. 

The task of the IEB is to support Mrs Adams in addressing the problems discovered in the Ofsted inspection, to secure governance in the school and to help the school to make good progress.

The academy will be required to join a Multi Academy Trust approved by the Diocese of Leeds but this process will take some time to complete, possibly more than one year.  During the process we will keep you informed of progress and consult with you on the process. Before the completion of the process the IEB will constitute a new governing body to manage the school as a part of the Multi Academy Trust.

There are many strengths to build on at St Botolph’s, and we are confident that we can work effectively with staff, parents and carers to ensure the school provides a high quality education for your children.

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