St. Botolph’s CE Academy

Government catch-up premium funding- COVID-19


Pupils across the country have experienced unprecedented disruption to their education as a result of coronavirus. St Botolph’s teachers know that they have the professional knowledge and expertise in the education system to ensure that pupils reconnect with learning, recover skills and get back on track.

As part of the commitment to improving outcomes for pupils at St Botolph’s CE Academy, we have appointed a qualified teacher who is employed via the Government COVID-19 catch-up premium funding.  The catch- up teacher will work closely with class teachers to collectively contribute towards improving the progress and attainment which has been ‘lost’ due to Covid-19 and get pupils back on track.

During the Spring term, the focus was reading in KS1.  During the Summer term, the focus will be supporting spelling, punctuation and grammar in the year 2 class and supporting Year 1 pupils access the Accelerated Reading programme. 

What did catch- up look like in Key Stage 1 in Autumn?

In Year 1, the catch- up teacher assessed phonic recognition and assessed pupils’ colour reading band level. She worked with pupils to consolidate the use of phonics and other reading strategies to decode new words and develop comprehension skills.

In Year 2, the focus was more towards developing reading comprehension skills, such as retrieval and making predictions but she made sure pupils were secure with the basics and all sessions were tailored to the individual child’s stage and progress. Any Y2 pupils requiring extra phonics support also received it from the catch- up teacher.


What did catch- up look like in Key Stage 2 in Autumn?

In Key Stage 2, the teacher worked closely with another intervention teaching assistant.  Specific pupils were identified by their class teacher as requiring support to either achieve ARE (age related expectation) or achieve mastery in reading.

We used a range of methods which included pupils reading aloud to us, us reading to pupils to model expression/fluency, role play using playscripts, and shared reading.  We discussed texts and encouraged them to question what they read, e.g. why, who, how, what next…?


What does catch up look like in Spring for Key stage 1 and 2 during lockdown?

The catch up teacher worked with all Key Worker and vulnerable children that attended school during lockdown with a focus on reading and comprehension skills.

With Key stage 1 pupils, we practised reading and spelling common exception words and applying them to sentences.  

With Key Stage 2 pupils, we worked with children to extend their confidence in reading through 1:1 sessions.  We also worked in small groups on reading comprehension and guided reading to practise a range of VIPER skills.

What does catch- up look like in Key Stage 1 this Summer?

In Year 1, the catch up teacher will continue to assess phonics recognition and pupils' Accelerated Reader book level.  She will work with pupils to consolidate the use of phonics and other reading strategies to decode new words and develop comprehension skills.

In Year 2, the focus will be spelling, punctuation and grammar, including reading and spelling Year 2 common exception words.  The catch up teacher will also support pupils who require extra phonics support using interventions through our well established Read, Write Inc programme.  




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